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HOT PORN TODAY - the best porn sites list! Created because you deserve only the hottest ones!

Well, if you're reading this shit, I bet we are pursuing the same goal with you - to find and enjoy the outstanding sex content, agree? I hope you would also agree with the fact there are fuckloads of shitty resources on the web, even on the first pages of Google. Yes, all of them are NSFW (not safe for work), but, to put it mildly, instead of good jackable material you get a massive amount of ads, old and non-exclusive adult movies, and you can even face with incomplete videos which end on the most exciting moment. I hate it!

That is why I started an in-depth investigation of the adult world. You can not even imagine how much shit I saw searching for the hot moms, lesbians, deep throat, busty MILF and the other common xxx related keywords. Firstly I just tried to keep all the best sex sites in my memory, but there were a lot of places to mistake because a vast amount of shitty adult web pages pretends good ones using stolen layout, or very similar internet address with the only mission to show as many ads to poor smutty content seekers as possible.

As a result, I had created my list of the best sex sites, and have been working on it for more than 10 years. I had used notes, browser's bookmarks, excel tables and google spreadsheets. But then, when I decided to share it with the world all these tools appeared to be not so good for that purpose. So creation the site focused on review the best porn sites was only a matter of time. HOTPORN.TODAY creation is not my final destination. I have more than 1000 hot porn sites in my list and will add them here in the nearest future, so stay tuned! 


What can you do if you face not-working pornsite here?

Yeah, shit happens. And some of the excellent porn sites can be closed due to illegal content or some other circumstances. I am continuously reviewing all porn sites listed here, but of course, there could be a case when some resource is closed or is no longer supported. So please inform me if you face such a thing. You can find my email address in the footer.

I think there is no place for them on the main page, but removing them is also a bad idea. That is why I have the secret archive with closed or abandoned porn sites. Please also pay attention to the Purgatory section, where I store alive but extremely shitty resources.


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There are a lot of paid catalogs on the web, where you have to spend a lot of money to be listed. Of course, there are also resources where you can be listed if you have significant rank on or a large amount of traffic. But what new adult webmasters should do when they google for 'adult backlinks exchange' or 'adult guest posting'? Where to get life needed backlinks to start with? In the we are open to new adult resources if they have good content, constantly updated, and not overwhelming with ads. In this case, we will help you!


Got an adult-related resource to suggest?

Feel free to contact me in the following cases:

  • You want to suggest a fantastic pornsite for review. It will be checked and added to my best porn sites list if the resource is good.
  • You have adult-focused blog or forum. I bet we will be able to find mutually beneficial cooperation options.
  • You found a bug or misprint.
  • You have any other brilliant idea.

Content is the highest priority here!