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Hello, dears. Creation of this section was just a matter of time. My primary goal is to provide you with the best adult resources, and those weren't just words. Hotporn.today has the list of top porn sites at the main page, there is also hidden category with the abandoned adult websites. But there are lots of shitty sites which are alive and supported or previously great resources who selected the bad way with spammy ads. Those websites should not be at the front page of the best porn sites list on the internet, agree?


As well as Purgatory from Roman Catholic doctrine, this section contains xxx resources, which are in an intermediate state. Not good, nor dead. And of course, each pornosite can be moved to the Best Porn Sites list, if it fixes the most annoying things for the visitors (expiates its sins), or be placed into the Abandoned sex sites section, which means there is no reason to visit it at all. That is all.


Dear friends, I'm doing all my best to monitor xxx resources and keep the list up to date. However, I can miss some changes of course. So please feel free to email me in case some good place became a shitty one, or one of the sites from this section fixed the issues and became great again. Thank you in advance.

1. LosPorn LosPorn
Cool place with hot newest porn from the famous studios. But the huge ads amount makes it as not hot as fucking ice.
2. GayBeeg GayBeeg
Gaybeeg.info is a gay porn blog with lots of pictures and videos which are always freshly uploaded.
3. Watchfreexxx Watchfreexxx
WatchFreeXXX - HD Quality Premium Porn Movies.
4. Adposta Adposta
Best dating and escorts in the UK and Australia, cams and porn, dom and fetish.
5. Skyporn Online Skyporn Online
Watch The hottest erotic porn stars, celebrities, models and milfs watch daily for free.
6. Kphimsex Kphimsex
Kphimsex is Xnxx from Vietnam, full of JAV HD sex videos it is very interesting and attractive.
7. PornPorn PornPorn
Just a list of videos from porn.com. Nothing more.
8. DarknetDesires DarknetDesires
Fully mismatch content with the site's name. There are no links to darknet resources, guides how to access them or any other useful information. Just an adu...
9. RawYoungPorn RawYoungPorn
Spammy adult links collection. Nothing more.
10. Best Sex Games Best Sex Games
All the top sex Games & porn simulators have all been reviewed.
11. OnlinePornGames OnlinePornGames
Cool collection of sex games.
12. PorngamesClub PorngamesClub
PornGames - a collection of hot xxx games.