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Lush stories and audio - lots of sex texts, audio, and pics.

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Hello, porn people! Here's a great site - LushStories, which contains a huge number of sex stories that you can enjoy anytime you ride the subway or bus to work, relax in the afternoon, in the evening in a cozy chair or even in the toilet (reading these stories is much more interesting than the label of an air freshener, believe me). In addition to a user-friendly and well-thought-out user interface, there are hot fucking texts that make an erection happen in no time at all. Here you can find a lot of audio stories. Agree, it's great when you can listen to your favorite sexy stories or books in a languid woman's voice, from which the skin is covered with goosebumps, or a low beautiful male voice, who likes what better!

Just imagine that when you put on your headphones you hear a sexy female voice that says "I hit my pussy lightly with the palm of my hand, once, twice, three times. And then harder.  And harder.  And then once once more, as hard as I can without making too much noise.  God, I need to cum". It's a hot one, isn't it?

Visit hot lush stories, register an account (you must have an account to get access for hot audio stories), select one of the hot erotic texts or sex audios and get relax!

Lush stories and audio advantages

  • A huge number of sex stories for every taste, classic, perverted and dirty.
  • AUDIO SEX STORIES (male and female voices)!
  • Clear structure of the site and a lot of sorting that help you find exactly what you need.
  • Tons of categories to select xxx fiction from.
  • Active and friendly community.
  • Cozy forum and chat with like-minded people.
  • It's free!

Lush stories and audio disadvantages

  • Few advertisements.
  • Overly strict rules for publishing content.
  •  You must be a registered member to listen to MP3 sex stories.

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