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DampLips review.

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Damplips is not a porn blog in common sense. It looks like a mix of an adult journal and a sex tube. But this site brings a quite fresh idea - possibility to read a sex story based on the related sex scene. A lot of people say that usually, the novel's better than the film. Yes, in our case the story is based on the video and not vice versa. But reading about a crazy orgy with dirty sluts can deliver no less pleasure than watching it, and maybe even more, it all depends on your preferences, as usual. There are not so many places on the Internet where you can find hot porn stories, so do not neglect them. Besides, you can use this resource as a regular porn site for watching videos.

Damplips has a very simple structure, first of all, they define themselves as a blog, so each video is a blog post. Each post contains an HD sex video, sex story (description) and lots of comments, that is all! One thing confuses me on this site - advertisement in the middle of a sex story, it looks very natural so I thought it belongs to story, clicked on it and was redirected to another site. Do not repeat my mistakes, and turn ON Adblock before visiting Damplips.

DampLips advantages

  • Several thousands of premium porn videos you can watch for free (not full-versions in most cases)
  • Variety of categories, so you can easily find what you want.
  • Each video has a hot story, which describes a storyline.
  • Active community makes a lot of funny comments.

DampLips disadvantages

  • Porn novels can be more readable.
  • Video Download button leads you to paysites, so no free download is available here.
  • Fake Sex Chat - this section contains only a random embed sex camera from different sex cam sites, and I think it is better to visit them than try this embed shit.
  • A few advertisements.

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