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Moggys Gallery - blog with tons of porn pics.

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This is definitely not the best resource with sex images I have ever seen, but I like the approach they use to group the content. Moggys Gallery has a lot of porn pictures which are grouped by blog posts. Each post - separate gallery. I like clear structure, and the structure of this website is very simple and intuitive. There is one thing I would like to change, they do not show the full list of categories on the main page. And the first impression of this site can be much better if they would add it. In order to see the categories list you have to click Show my categories link, then you will see only 3 groups: BBW, Complete-sets and Mature, and only after click the one of those, you will see the full list at right side of the screen. It took about 10 minutes for me to find this list. I think categories list is a very important part of each of adult resources because it allows narrowing content to the preferred genres so the user won't spend his time to pics he is not interested in.

There are lots of genres you can select from, hot arab chicks, tasty anal pics, brunettes or blondes, swingers, downblouse or redhead lesbians. So I think everyone will find something interesting here.

By the way, I placed this resource into the Porn Blogs section, because this url sex gallery has 100% blog's structure. And if you want to check other websites focused on dirty pictures, I recommend you to visit my sex image sites collection.


Moggys Gallery Blog advantages

  • Lots of porn pics grouped by posts. One post can have hundreds of photos.
  • Nice categories list.
  • Frequent updates.

Moggys Gallery Blog disadvantages

  • Full list of categories is hidden deep inside the site.
  • Quite spammy resource.

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